It all started 9 years ago…

In early 2013, Rob Hunt had left the 9 to 5 desk life in downtown Perth with starry-eyed hopes of enjoying a more artisanal career. After a bit of market research, soul searching and a chance job opportunity at Gage Roads as a Brewers Assistant, his new course was set.

A year later, homesickness won out and Rob returned to Adelaide to continue brewing before once again setting off on adventures of the amber persuasion. This included living in Gippsland, Melbourne and London to experience a range of breweries and cultures alike. With the arrival of covid and completion of the UK travel visa, home was calling once again and Adelaide welcomed him back.

liquorloop design process
rob the owner liquorloop
liquorloop layout

Over the years it became apparent that stainless steel and soft hoses are ubiquitous in the brewing industry and these things don’t come cheap. If a brewery were to operate efficiently and realise a profit then this equipment, along with the floors underneath, would need to be cared for and protected to ensure it lasted.

Armed with basic CAD experience designing a brewery upgrade for the delightful Villages Brewery, London, Rob set about turning the dream into a reality in mid 2021. Rudimentary drawings became simple computer designs, which in turn became 3D printed models to present to mould and plastic engineers. Practical considerations necessitated 24 iterations to ensure that the product was the ideal balance of what was required and what could physically be produced in a plastic mould.

Having received so much knowledge and assistance from the team in Adelaide, the decision was made to design and produce the mould and mouldings locally. Whilst doubling the cost, this meant tweaks could be easily made, strong relationships were formed, product delivery is fast and free and Australia’s manufacturing industry gets a microscopic boost. With the item going into production, back-end matters of small business were addressed. Meetings with potential suppliers were encouraging as were product trials amongst friends in the industry.

As the dream turns to reality and the Liquorloop becomes available on the open market, please turn to the blog for periodic updates.