How they work

An explanation of how to apply the Liquorloop to your hoses.

Dimensions: 89 x 89 x 25mm and 36 grams assembled.

Internal diameter 56.5mm +/- 1mm. This means they suit hoses up to 58 mm and down to 52mm with padding strips provided

The Liquorloop comes in two halves.

These are clipped together as close as practical to the end of the ferrule. If the device is loose at this point, simply take a strip of EPDM rubber (supplied) and pad the gap between the hose and the device. This can be easily trimmed to attain the ideal length.

Once in place, take a screw and spring washer (supplied) and secure one half to the other. Repeat for the other screw cavity. This can be done with either a screwdriver or drill, tightened until it doesn’t move which is commonly hand-tight, 2 Nm or 11 on the standard Ryobi hand drill.

If there is a small gap between the two halves, this indicates the screw is clamping the device tight to the hose with maximum efficacy.