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Your new weapon in brewing hose and floor protection.

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Sleek design

Easy to install

Food grade polypropylene

Proudly Australian made and owned

Applicable to new and old hoses

Heat, chemical, UV and shock resistant

Fits various 1.5 inch hose brands from 52-58mm outside diameter

Simplifies wash down

Cost effective

Saves hoses, floors, and your back

Increase hose life immeasurably with comparatively small outlay

Recyclable and replaceable

“The Liquorloop is born from years of thinking there is more that can be done to protect brewing hoses and floors. The result speaks for itself.”

Rob Hunt


Customer reviews

James McCall
Shapeshifter Brewing

“When you consider the $1000’s you spend on hoses and tens of $1000’s on a good floor, it’s a no-brainer.”

Steve Brockman
Brightstar Brewing

“I’ve been telling everyone about these. I look after the equipment and these make it much easier to do that.”